Practicalities condition the work, of course, and with this writing I haven’t really managed to escape that. I have to hand in this dissertation before a certain date (which I’ve already missed by long), and some of my fantasies and ambitions have to be abandoned. I don’t have the time anymore to produce this dissertation blog in its full proper form, through the practice and discipline of daily posting. Which brings me back to the idea that I had already mentioned earlier in this blog of a fake blog, which is also a sort of instance of the blog as an art piece.
How real is this blog?
How much does it need to be?
What is the chronology of this blog?
Does this form need to be trustworthy for the reader to engage with the writing?
I’ve also had to abandon other of my original ideas, such as the interviews which I never managed to prepare and execute. On the other hand, it just highlights the open ended nature of the blog, and its potential to keep expanding. Beyond the deadline (today we’re already far beyond the deadline), the blog can keep growing and absorving new pieces of writing. The interviews, the images, the statistics, the comparative analyses, maybe they will all appear in the coming months or years…