I was thinking that it might be necessary to make some notes on the form and on the way some things are written, in order to facilitate the reading. Of course in spite of choosing for the blog form, and for writing non-linearly, this piece of writing responds to a demand from an educational institution, and it is meant to be some sort of production of knowledge.
the writing / the text: everything that gets posted on the blog I am calling writing or text. It includes written text, but also pictures, videos, sounds, links and attachments. Anything placed on the blog in their different formats and methods of access. It’s curious how the graphic metaphor has remained so important for the digital media in spite of all technological evolutions (see post: ‘May 24, 2009 – Topology’ with references to the lecture ‘E-Government in the Society of Information’). Maybe it’s more appropriate to say that it’s an important metaphor for all thinking processes.
space: just like a couple of sentences ago, many times I’m describing blogs in spatial terms. For me the blog functions pretty much as a space. Please forgive the redundance of the expressions.