sndo dissertation meta blog

this blog is a more or less random collection of thoughts, free associations, reflections and exchanges around the idea of blogs used within an artistic creative process, and is the workspace for writing my SNDO 4th year dissertation.

within the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) program of the Theaterschool Amsterdam / Amsterdam Arts University (AHK), graduating students are required to write a dissertation on a subject of their own choice. since I’ve been using diverse blogs for almost 2 years now as tools for the creative processes of my work as a coreographer, I decided it would be a good idea to write my dissertation reflecting on “blogs as a tool for creative processes”. as a part of that project I decided to set up a blog (this very same one) that I could be used as a ‘rehearsal space for thought‘.

you are more than welcome to share thoughts on the subject, either in response to something posted or just out of your own thoughts on the subject. if so, please leave some reference to who you are (a name, an e-mail, and maybe some other short reference) so that, your inspiring comments can be properly quoted…

/ Pablo Fontdevila is a choreographer, dancer and lighting designer born in Tucuman, Argentina, in 1982. his artistic interests cover a very broad range. his choreographic work is based on exploring new creative approaches every time. he has several blogs and 2 websites. in 2009 he will graduate from the reknowned School for New Dance Development (SNDO; bachelor degree) of the Amsterdam Arts University (AHK). he is a holder of the prestigious Huygens Scholarship granted by the Dutch Ministry of Eduaction, Culture and Science, and has received grants to support his work from Instituto ProDanza (AR) and AHK Fonds Practicum Generale (NL).
his coming projects include performances in Amsterdam, in het veem theater (march 2009) and De Melkweg Theater (june 2009)


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